Who Are We?

Giving Corps is a directory of exceptional local business professionals dedicated to supporting those in need. With Giving Corps, your everyday spending can benefit your cause! How?

- 1. Your everyday spending happens here or here first!
- 2. Non-profit donations are made via your transactions
- 3. Giving Corps provides infrastructure & assures payment

Worth Magazine
“This is compassionate capitalism at its best! Congratulations on your remarkably innovative approach to benefit the greater good.”
Worth Magazine
What if your next real estate need could provide me and my family with food throughout my young life?  What next?  Click here.

Latest Happenings

May 12, 2015: Excerpt from FREE ENTERPRISE- U.S. Chamber of Commerce News and Information- It’s a common misperception that only large corporations with deep pockets can tackle big social problems. But investing in communities and improving society—also known as corporate social...

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