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We are about making it easy for everyday people to support causes they care about. How?

By choosing to work with a Giving Corps Affiliate, you'll be doing business with one of the world's finest professionals. Every Affiliate has been chosen based upon their commitment to making a positive difference in their communities.

Our Company mission is to simplify and energize everyday giving by providing consumers a network of exceptional professionals who are committed to a shared goal of increased community and charity support. Our belief is that giving back builds community--locally, nationally, and internationally.

In order to accomplish our mission we have a three-fold goal: to benefit consumers, charitable organizations and participating companies. We support businesses with newfound consumers; we provide fundraising and promotion for charitable organizations and we provide consumers with the best business options.

Growth is driven by referrals, local, national and international marketing, strategic alliances and general business development, proprietary toolbars, editorial, coordinated non-profit press, grassroots promotion, fundraising initiatives and more. It's the marrying of these benefits that create true success.

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