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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What if there are no participating companies in our community?

Contact us with suggestions and please spread the good news so that we can begin working in your community.

Q.) Is the system easy to use? What kind of setup and training are required? Do I need to spend a lot of time on it to get results?

We designed Giving Corps to be simple and easy to use. Our forms are self-explanatory and require no training needed whatsoever. For example, within 4 minutes you can pay for membership online, receive a username/password and create an exciting company profile with a dozen giving combinations.

Q.) Do I have to make large commitments to get results?

No. Be encouraged and keep in mind anything is significant. In fact, you can become a subscriber in order to learn when others increase their giving so that you are not caught off guard by others. Understand charities will be more willing to go out of their way to promote you if you are a significant donor. Bottom line, be encouraged and keep in mind anything is significant.

Q.) Why do I need the Giving Corps to audit and confirm my donations?

We are the "trusted party", therefore it's essential to provide credible industry confidence.

Q.) How are my donations confirmed?

Each Giving Corps company affiliate agrees to payment accountability if requested by a confirmed consumer and quarterly reporting if necessary. Each consumer is provided a hard copy receipt of their transaction signed by the participating affiliate and each coupon redeemed has a unique identifier which can be traced upon your request.

Q.) How should I best advertise that I am a Giving Corps member?

Once you become a member, you'll be able to download a certificate seal icon to your website. Detailed instructions on how to include it on your web site will be provided. Beyond this, we provide a welcome kit which includes a number of additional methods of introduction. Beyond this, we work closely with charities who often make every effort to promote you (and giving corps in general) in order to continue driving their revenue and promotion.

Have another question? Send us an email.